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Warning: Hardcore Diabetes Empty Warning: Hardcore Diabetes

Post  Villerium on Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:56 am

Okay, not really. I'm the guild baby eater. Twisted Evil

Everyone calls me Chris. Been playing RO since the Juno patch way back in 2004. I am an RO vet with lots of knowledge with regards to character classes and skills. Never really done much MVP'ing though or checked out a lot of the newer dungeons. I was the original founder of Infinitii back on Chaos in the fall of 2006. I took a few breaks though which were necessary and thus Infinitii was reborn a few times and never got to be a large guild.

As for my characters, I have a lot. I play two accounts.

Acct 1:
Dystosis - Lord Knight - 93/62
Lord Marshal - Master Smith - 84/47
Delphian - Priest (battle) - 83/50
Death-Note - Sage (battle) - 90/50
Celestial Wind - Sniper - 83/51
El'Sen - Ninja - 61/4x

Acct 2:
Kiradu - Assassin Cross - 91/58
Spiritus Exodus - Priest (FS) - 90/50
Aeledil - Wizard - 75/50
Villerium - Champion - 93/62
Decimus Claudius - Rogue - 95/50

I'll fill out more uncool things about myself later.


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Warning: Hardcore Diabetes Empty Re: Warning: Hardcore Diabetes

Post  sadexcuse4amango on Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:03 am

He lies. Nothing about Chris is uncool

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