My "KILL YOU NOW" MasterSmith

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My "KILL YOU NOW" MasterSmith Empty My "KILL YOU NOW" MasterSmith

Post  Villerium on Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:13 pm

Sure, here is the build I'm working on for my Master Smith that will kill you all:

Final stats at 99/70 (I wish I could get here) with buffs:

97+32/33 Str
65+19/20 Agi
53+6/7 Vit
13+16/17 Int
47+22/23 Dex
1+8/9 Luk

*Reason for the varying + stat is because if I equip my Evil Druid, I lose a stat to all stats. Need to eventually get an evil druid valk armor.

Feather Beret
Evil Wing Ears
Pirate Dagger
+5 Unfrozen Valk Armor
+5 Immune Valk Manteau
+4 Cranial Valk Shield
+9 Superior Shoes
2 x Muscle Ring
+4 Combat Knife
+4 Ice Pick
+8 Triple Diligent Sabre

The skizzles:
10 Enlarge Weight Limit
10 Pushcart
3 Discount
10 Overcharge
6 Vending
10 Mammonite
1 Hilt Binding
1 Weapon Repair
1 Cart Boost
5 Skin Tempering
5 Hammer Fall
10 Weaponry Research
10 Shattering Strike
5 Adrenaline Rush
5 Weapon Perfection
5 Power Thrust
5 Max Overthrust
5 Powre Maximize
10 High Speed Cart Ram

Leaves me 1 Job level left over. LOL


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